Efficacy of African Mango Supplements

What is an African Mango Supplement?

African Mango extract is a fat burning supplement that is naturally packed with nutrients, including rich soluble fibre, protein, calcium, B vitamins thiamin, riboflavin and niacin, as well as fatty acids palmitic, lauric, myristic, stearic and oleic. With new research, health and medical professionals began offering African Mango extract, as well as other remedies that also contain fat burning compounds, to help stimulate weight-loss efforts by assisting with the conversation of fat into useable energy.

What Does an African Mango Supplement Do?

An African Mango supplement is designed to utilise its high soluble fibre content, as well as its other nutritional benefits, to effectively slow digestion and inhibit the absorption of dietary sugar. Researchers believe that the fibre from the African Mango seed connects itself to bile acids in the intestinal tract, which triggers the body to convert more cholesterol into bile acids, therefore lowering cholesterol levels, leading to possible weight loss efforts.

African Mango Extract May Provide Positive Results

While studies are still being carried out, researchers believe that an African Mango supplement may improve weight-loss efforts by stimulating metabolism, suppressing appetite, and boosting energy levels.

According to a study that was conducted at Cameroon’s University of Yaounde, researchers found that African Mango can assist with weight loss by increasing adiponectin—the hormone that plays an important role with glucose, fat metabolism, and insulin levels. The study was performed with a group of 72 obese adults. Some of the patients were given an African Mango supplement two times a day over a 10-week period, while the other test subjects were given a standard placebo. After the 10-week period, there was a significant difference in weight loss among the patients that were given an African Mango supplement, while the placebo group saw little to no difference in weight, concluding that an African Mango supplement may increase the likelihood of weight loss efforts for individuals with excess weight.(1)

African Mango extract supplement may help:

  • Convert fat into useable energy
  • Stimulate metabolism
  • Balance blood sugar levels
  • Suppress appetite
  • Lower cholesterol levels

(1)Lipids in Health and Disease: The Use of a Cissus Quadrangularis/Irvingia Gabonensis C in the Management of Weight Loss: a Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Study