African Mango Lean

African Mango Lean 60 Capsules African Mango Lean 60 Capsules

  • Reduces appetite
  • Maintains glucose levels
  • Converts fat into useable energy

AFRICAN MANGO LEAN is a unique blend of all-natural ingredients that are designed to suppress appetite, convert fat into useable energy, and balance glucose levels. Not only does AFRICAN MANGO LEAN utilise the fibrous oilseed, it also contains other ingredients that have been systematically proven to stop the growth of fat cells, such as: Açai, Green Tea Extract, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Grapefruit.

When dieting, AFRICAN MANGO LEAN is a powerful supplement that can boost your overall health, including: energy, brain functions, metabolism, immunity and appetite control. And when you’re not dieting, AFRICAN MANGO LEAN continues to support fat burning production—this does not mean that you should stop your healthy food habits, but it can help you enjoy moderate treats without feeling guilty.

Unlike other lean, fat burning supplements, AFRICAN MANGO LEAN does not dehydrate the body but allows for natural weight loss while maintaining healthy organs.