AME 450 (African Mango Extract) 450mg (2oz)

AME 450 (African Mango Extract) 450mg (2oz) 60ml AME 450 (African Mango Extract) 450mg (2oz) 60ml

  • Potent extract that burns fat
  • Increases metabolism production
  • Strengthens immunity

AME 450 is a potent African Mango extract formula that is specifically designed to stimulate weight loss efforts, promote metabolism, balance glucose levels and strengthen immunity.

What Does AFRICAN MANGO Do For You?

AFRICAN MANGO that is the concentrated ingredient in AME 450 has many benefits for your overall health and wellness. Specifically, AME 450 gives your metabolism a powerful boost, while also controlling appetite, balancing blood glucose levels, and increasing the rate at which your body converts fat into useable energy.

When you’re not dieting, AME 450 helps inhibit any excess energy from converting to fat. This is not to say that AME 450 allows you to eat anything you like, but it can help during those times where you just want to let your guard down and enjoy some guilt-free treats.

Unlike most energy converting supplements that force water out of your system, AME 450 does not dehydrate the body but actually maintains proper hydration levels, allowing you to naturally burn fat. AFRICAN MANGO also supports the health of kidneys and liver while controlling your appetite and using energy more efficiently.